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Smarter, faster, safer.
A smart supply chain promotes better technology for
a better world




We are excited about AI technologies, automation, and innovation in everything we do. Our synergistic array boosts productivity, cuts costs, and mitigates risk. It’s part of our contribution to children and the environment. In a world where electronic components are living cells, we are its beating heart.

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Powering innovation across the electronic chain

Smart supply chain

We’ve built novel pillars required to deliver supply durability for the electronic value chain. Our Design-to-market solutions use AI and technological operations for procurement, manufacturing, supply strategy, flexibility, and logistics.

Procurement management

Get a total purchase solution from A to Z: planning, timetable, materials, stock availability, lifecycle, costs control, BOM and NPI - as well as alternates and duplication, environmental and export compliance, risk reduction and more.

Master-ONE: Project development

Our elite support team is comprised of senior engineers and experts in today's electronic challenges, ready to assist you in your business leap, all the way from design to market: value engineering, technical support, responses to changes and business optimization.





Better World

Our commitment towards a sustainable world comes with a pledge to plant one tree
for every 10 products sold online. In addition, 5% of the profit goes to Nitsuts 
Bereshit, a non-profit organization that we established to help

children in need.

Risk mitigation & cyber

Quality-ONE is the mechanism we developed for risk mitigation, quality assurance and cyber protection. Leveraging our elite Israeli Air-Force and high-tech engineering background, we are driven by top quality, innovation, and high performance.

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Excess Inventory

Our one-of-a-kind EI program for all OEM's uses innovative algorithms that improve the management efficiency, while the AI system and wisdom of the crowd maximize the profit and free WH.


Human innovation

Work with people who care about people. Leveraging our elite Israeli Air-Force and high-tech engineering background, meet our mutual-respect approach based on top quality and high-performance drive.

Our services

Supply Chain

Smart Design-To-Market solutions: AI operations for procurement, manufacturing, supply strategy, flexibility and logistics, combined with risk mitigator mechanism.


A factory network that expands your options. AI-enabled factory matching improves your efficiency and quality while keeping costs in check.

Excess Inventory

Novel algorithm analyzes massive data base to exclude the relevant information, increase profit and match customers for excess stock


Managing your operations, shipping, customs clearance, and more.

Risk mitigation & Cybersecurity

Reduce risks in the supply chain through the use of risk heat map, constant updates of the procurement strategy, verification of the authenticity of the parts, and cybersecurity coverage.


Component engineering management to prevent design changes at late stages: End of Life (EOL) notices and Product Change Notices (PCN).

 Procurement & BOM

Purchase solution from A – to Z: BOM, stock availability, lifecycle, costs control, environmental and export compliance, planning, timetable, and materials.


New product procurement that obtains the latest components for new electronic designs and further into manufacturing.

For brokers/


Innovative order management system for service and sales that delivers AI technology and automation for optimization, savings and fast reply in response to customer needs.

Master - ONE

Top Experts Program for project development which includes senior engineers and experts in today's electronic challenges ready to assist you in your business leap.

Alternates & Duplication

Dual approach with an eliminating duplication program and a Value Engineering for better alternatives, as well as suggestions and part cross analysis.

Global Presence

Gain worldwide reach managed through our global headquarter in Europe and regional offices networks worldwide to meet your on-time delivery needs.



Boosted experience - smarter tools

My-ONE Portal

Synergic Ecosystem

Better technology

Control your managing zone with a single click. Manage your supply chain, schedule, alternatives, market insights, procurement & BOM, and excess Inventory.

Meeting today's demands requires better intelligence and synergistic design-to-market. We believe in increased collaboration across design, engineering, sourcing, and sales.

Our AI driven data system analyzes, controls and syncs-in with global data, worldwide customer base and CRM. We complete our top standard services through our innovative risk mitigation operation and even cyber protection.

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How a supply chain can

last the test of time

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Most impactful supply chain technologies

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Strategies to minimize product obsolescence risks

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